I Know Sales but Nothing About Recruitment


Here’s a secret… it really doesn’t matter to us.


Recruitment can be taught. It's why great recruiters come from all walks of life and different career paths.

In an industry with few barriers to entry, it comes down to the individual. What motivations do you have to succeed and how far would the right investment and training take you in recruitment?



We’ve seen hires from banking, estate agencies, hospitality and data management double their salaries within six months of transitioning to recruitment to learn as they earn.



It’s why agencies truly investing in L&D are such an attraction to ambitious sales staff. It allows them to fast-track their way to success.


For new starters, hitting the phones in recruitment can be a baptism of fire that’s made all the worse by an unhelpful manager eyeballing you as you do it.


Whether it’s cold calling, navigating new tech or getting to grips with a CRM, how you introduce and develop people needs to be revisited.


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When you’re taught right you learn quicker. It's as simple as that. It resonates across every industry, but in recruitment, we felt more needed to be done. speech marks


Teach your recruiters the business, not just the skills to solve the problem.

& Always be Learning


It’s in an agency’s interest to invest in developing internal staff so they can build a concrete pipeline of future managers.


Training is more than rolling out a DVD for an hour or an objection handling seminar people are going to forget.


| Everyone learns differently. It’s also counterproductive to drag your team off the sales floor for half a day. Those chasing their commission aren’t going to thank you for it. | 


We invested in Recruiter Hub, the leading e-learning platform because it allows our consultants a dynamic and bitesize way of learning from their desk as and when they can.


We also believe that the most valuable training is created from an environment of continuous learning. Working within earshot of three approachable CEOs that are truly invested in developing their staff.


The team are there to grow together. We’re here to develop them. Platforms like Recruiter Hub are an unlimited resource to draw from and specialist consultants are there to address the rest.

& Learn as you Earn


I wrote an article earlier this month about why sales staff need a London proof income & I stand by that.


Training shouldn’t have to be a substitute for a good pay cheque either - they’re not mutually exclusive.



I wrote an article earlier this month about why sales staff need a London proof income and I stand by that.


Almost a decade ago we took the step to grow one of the most ambitious recruitment brands working in Business Change & Transformation. Our success is a testament to what can be achieved with good learning, development and the right opportunities.


Don’t just take our word for it, hear from those working at Ampersand and see what a career here could offer you.