Is Your Sales Salary London Proof?


| So what do you do?


Some call it the world’s most dangerous question but it also tends to be the first thing people ask strangers. 

When you drop that you’re living in London and working a sales role you can expect people to assume that you’re on a sizeable wage. 

It’s true that sales can pay well, but in the same way that not all politicians are moral compasses, not all sales staff are wearing Rolexes and travelling away for ski season.


Just throw the question to ten owners about how they pay their sales teams and you’ll probably get ten different answers.


That’s not to mention the varying types of sales roles that are out there, from working in a bank to phone jockeying at a call centre.

It’s unlikely that estate agents, car dealers or those travelling door-to-door will be making the same in their second year as an on-target recruitment consultant. 

That’s not to say they haven’t got the transferable skills to bring across or work equally hard, but that recruitment is a CAREER that offers excellent opportunities.


What’s the Financial Reality? blue-pound-sign2


They say money can’t buy you happiness and I agree that a rewarding career should be built on much more than bank statements alone. 

But, when a pint is pushing £6 in Clapham and rent, student debt, commuting and all the other nails that hammer you into a financial coma are creeping in - you need a London proofed income.

You have to look at the financial reality of what your earning will allow. How much is a coffee, a night out or the dating scene in London? 

If you want to go for pints on the Common, network on your own wallet or dress to impress, can you do so without “The Fear” visiting you the next day?


You have to ask what you want from London and whether that’s achievable on your current career path?


Nobody should expect to fall into a career in recruitment and make £100k in their first year, but that’s not to say it’s impossible. 

It’s an industry where grafters are rewarded providing they’re working in the right environment.

 Investing in the Future  arrow-left-31

There’s a huge difference between surviving in London and enjoying everything it has to offer.

For twenty-somethings that are looking to kick on and see more from a career in sales, stepping into the right agency can open that door.  

It gives you a rapid and visible ladder that you can take control of. At Ampersand we’re keen to invest in building the managers of tomorrow and the recruitment leaders of the future.

Don’t just take our word for it, hear from those working at Ampersand and see what a career here could offer you.